Noted is a personal informatics project to help users keep track of their tasks and events to increase productivity. In this application we have tried to give users the opportunity to record tasks manually or through the use of camera, which will convert hand written notes to tasks.
User Research

Software: Adobe Xd, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
Key Roles: User Interface, Design Research, Visual Design, Branding, Prototyping​​​​​​​
Team: 1 Project Manager, 1 UX Researcher
Timeline: Jan 2018 - May 2018 (5 months)
Mobile Walkthrough
Welcome to Noted! 
A productivity application that tracks your past tasks and events and allows you to plan future tasks and events.
User Dashboard
The user can see past productivity based on completed tasks, meetings and other events.
Adding Handwritten notes
Taking a picture of handwritten notes and parsing them to tasks based on text analysis software.
Home and calendar screens
The following screens show home and schedule for the day.
We started off with doing user research to understand how people use productivity apps and what they would like to see in such systems.
Competitive Analysis
I used Streaks, Continuo, Moment and One Big Thing as competitive applications used to measure productivity and behavior. I found that:
1. Users want to see positive enforcement and do not respond to negative enforcement.
2. Productivity apps need to be simple and integrate with other fitness/sleep apps.
3. Users want to create a streak and are very invested in growing profiles through badges and other reward systems.
We did 5 interviews with people from age 23 - 35 and found that.
1. Users want to do short term and long term planning, most apps offer short term planning only.
2. People will use project management applications like Trello and Basecamp to manage their personal tasks.
3. Users are more used to writing down tasks and to-dos and want to record them on a system.
Big findings include:
1. Users want to plan long term and short term tasks.
2. Most users use pen and paper to note down tasks for the day.
3. Most short term tasks are planned 1-3 days in advance.
4. Users want to see how much they are getting done in a certain week/month. They want something that works better than a planning application.
Behavior Change
To promote behavior change we applied aspects of the Heath and Heath framework to scheduling and calendaring to clearly define the goal, show benefits and take the burden off the user. We’re also applying this to our measurement and visualization strategy, and we’ll go over how our application fits into each area, as well as the overall behavior change framework.
Measurement Strategy
As we mentioned, one of our goals is to support the user. In that we need to remind the user and take the burden off of them. One of the ways we will do this is by implementing a combination of handwritten and digital notes.
Handwritten notes and their incorporation are important. Handwritten notes help with retention and a digital record supports users referencing or external storage.
Designing a better productivity app
Design Direction
1. Notify the user to complete tasks / event reminders.
2. Request feedback from the user to know whether or not tasks were completed.
3. If tasks were completed, then the application will clear the task from the cue, if they were not completed then the application is doing 2 things, reminding the user to complete the task and leaving the reminder sitting in the cue.
Sketching ideas
I sketched different versions of the user workflow for the productivity app. The lower fidelity mockups are shown below displaying how a to-do is added and accomplishments are shown on the phone screens.
I refined these and added screens to create a higher fidelity prototype attached below. The following diagram shows how the screens are linked together in the prototype.
Reflections and Challenges
1. User engagement: this could be an issue for this application. Engagement can be increased by incorporating rewards in the form of badges or coupons to keep the users invested in using this application.
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